The vision of Stonegate Farms accords equal respect to both the residents and the land itself. Protective covenants, governing aesthetic and architectural issues, have been designed to safeguard the long-term integrity of each owner's individual investment-and the Stonegate Farms community as a whole. As a buffer against neighboring development, at least fifty feet will be set-aside, undisturbed, along each lot's side and rear lines.

Stonegate Farms' amenities have been carefully planned to complement and enhance the lives of its residents. Two lakes will be accessible, from adjoining Common Areas, to all Stonegate Farms residents. Common Areas along Shoal Creek, which winds through the valley, will also be accessible to all. A horse trail (also ideal for walking and cycling) typically follows Stonegate Farms' road through the community.

Lastly, the community's Home Owners' Association will manage the long-term character and preservation of all Common Areas.

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